Welcome to DGEF

Dr. Gopal Energy Foundation is a non-profit organization working in the field of inter alia Energy education founded on 15th April 2015 with its corporate office at New Delhi, India.

The main aim of the organizations is:-

  • Encourage Investment in India in the Energy Sector
  • Contribute towards Energy Security of the Nation
  • Energy Education through Certificate Courses
  • To organize Energy Conferences & Seminars
  • Promote best practices on conservation of Energy
  • To print /publish/circulate /disseminate purposeful proceedings in the Energy Sector among stake holders through our publications
  • Assist Energy companies to resolve disputes through Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiations
  • To assist in purposeful CSR activities of Energy Organizations
  • Expert In-house Training to stakeholders of the Energy Sector
  • To establish a Centre of Excellence in Energy Studies
  • To promote Energy studies in Universities through Lectures

Dr. Gopal Energy Foundation also provides Online Certificate Courses on Energy Laws which are highly recommended courses for Law Students, Professionals (Lawyers/CA/CS), Managers who are working in Energy PSU’s and Private Energy Companies or anyone who wants to excel in Energy Laws.